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Maintenance of roofs and rain gutters

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Your gutters and flat roofs should be systematically checked on their function at least once a year This is often forgotten until your gutter overflows. Usually the drains are getting clogged with leaves, dirt or weeds. A not working drainage can cause major damage. Rainwater must find a way down. At best, the water runs down the walls down and caused only damage at the sliding walls, like moisture, mold and subsidence in the pavement.

A bigger problem can occur when the water can not be drained caused by clogged pipes and gutters, and the water remains on the roof. One liter of water is equal to aprrox. one kilogram in weight. On a flat roof then easily accumulates a total weight that the supporting roof structure is not build for. The risk that the entire roof will eventually collapse under the weight is substantially.

We clean your gutters as often as you want. This prevents unnecessary damage to your roof and other materials. Do you have a suspicion that there remains too much water on your roof? Of would you like to have a good look at the condition of your roof and gutters? Please contact us!