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Roof inspections

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Maintaining your roofs and facades are often not to your attention. Usually there is only action if problems arise. Problems in the form of water leaks are common. Also corrosion or loose screws, roof sheets or sidings occur frequently. Clogged drains because the roofs and gutters are not checked for their performance annually. Systematic maintenance of your facades, roofs and rain gutters gives you usually a guarantee of a longer life of the material that is applied. You will also avoid damaging the materials you have stored under your roof. The consequences of a water leak you prefer not to pass through...

It often happens that we discover that there is no emergency overflow (also called gargoyles) placed in the upright walls of the roof surfaces. Failure to drain quickly the rainwater, caused by clogged pipes and gutters, will cause problems when these emergency overflows do not appear to be present. The water should be drained and at the places where there are seams or penetrations of example skylights, domes, air conditioners etc. a leakage will occur. In the worst case, the entire roof collapse under the weight of the rainwater. Regularly checking your roof and rainwater drains is essential!

Do you have a suspicion that there remains too much water on your roof? Would you like to have a good look at the condition of your roof and gutters? Please contact us! If necessary, we will inspect the roof with an aerial platform in order to get a proper overview of your entire roof. We will ensure that there are trained and qualified staff on the job who deployed to all safety requirements.