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Facades cladding

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There is a wide range of systems available regarding facade cladding and sidings. For new construction but also for renovation, you can apply these systems. Important is the function the building project will get.

Non insulated

In this case you can choose to apply single aluminum or galvanized steel sheets, assembled on a wooden or steel subframe.


In this case, you can choose from different materials and systems. For example, a panel made of an inner sheet in the shape of a steel inner box, wherein a glass wool or rock wool insulation is placed, with on top a steel or aluminum facade panel. The materials are available with a variety of coatings and standard colors. As well you can choose a sandwich panel, available in several thicknesses, depending on the necessary insulation.

Renovation or renewal of existing facades or buildings

Your masonry suffers from saturation leakage, this is often the cause of several problems such as leaks, mold and mildew on the walls, even on the inside of the masonry. You can fix this by assembling battens on your siding where you can assemble the cladding panels on top of. With this system you will solved a problem and also your whole facade will have a new look. For existing old steel or aluminum facades there are also several possibilities to give your property a brand-new look.

For each building or wall and there is a solution. We are happy to visit you to view your project and advice you the material that is best to be used. We will make a quotation for you, free of obligation Please contact us for more information.

For examples, have a look at our projects page.

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