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Roof ventilation / solving condensation problems

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Condensation problems are often underestimated. Proper assembly and finishing of your roof construction is essential for a healthy indoor climate. Moisture causes mold and fungals and is unhealthy. After investigation, many leaks and moisture problems are assigned to condensation. To avoid condensation problems, the finishing of a room needs to be completely damp proof so that the warm air inside can not get in contact with (steel) materials exposed to the outside air.

For example, a ridge piece at a roof with sandwich panels: The roof panel needs to be finished on the inside with a ridge vent, the connections of the ridge vent with the roof should be fully sealed After that, the space between the roof panels at the ridge needs to be sufficiently insulated. Across that, an air-permeable finishing must be placed with a profile filling the flutes of the sandwich panel. On top of this, the end piece or the ridge piece will be fixed.