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Skylights and roof domes

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Do you like to get more daylight in your workplace, in your office or in your home? We offer a wide range of solutions and can provide and assemble skylights, rooflight and domes in an existing roof. In consultation with you we can achieve all of this, if possible, in a day.

All additional work such as the installation of safety equipment (fall protection), disassembly work, installation of new stands where the skylight will be placed on, fixing the existing roof covering, installation of the new skylight and discharging the removed material will be coordinated controlled by us.

Small skylights, large skylights, replacing an existing skylight, domes, rooflights, it does not matter. Stalucon Bouw BV provides craftsmanship to any type of roof, and you can enjoy pleasant daylight inside!

Polyester sheets

Transparent polyester sheets will lose their brightness and transparency after a few years. In the past, these poly sheets were frequently applied. The polyester light transmitting roof panels will discolor over time, the material will harden and by the action of the roof cracks in the material will appear. Leakage can occur. If available in the same profile form, we can replace the sheets by new transparent PVC plates which are clear, give more light and are of better quality.