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Renovation and repairings

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Roof renovation is usually applied to older buildings. You can choose to repair a roof which bituminous roofing. After several repairings the roof will look like a patchwork with repairings and patches placed everywhere. The roof cover will not longer form one sealed layer and is more vulnerable to temperature changes, weight of snow and rain water.

A more sustainable way of renovation is to replace the existing roof covering with a complete new bituminous or PVC roof covering. For pitched roofs, it is also possible to replace the bituminous roof covering by a steel roof plate, if desired insulated.

Facade renovation

Existing facades can be completely renovated by Stalucon Bouw BV and can be provided with new openings for doors and window strips. With renewing the siding you will create a completel different view of the facade and the property will look like new. There are many ways to give a building a different view. Various materials and many colors can be applied. For advice and information, without any compromises, please call us to make an appointment on 0031 (0)599-658013 or you can send us an email. For more information about cladding, see the facades page.

Damage repair

Repairing dents and deep scratches in the steel or aliminium siding panels or sandwich panels is also part of our work. If possible, we will repair the damage on location and finish it with an exact matching color. You will be amazed when you see the result. Bigger damages can be repaired by replacing the facade panels sandwichpanels with new ones. In most cases when repclacing, there will be a color difference between the existing facade and the new delivered materials.

In case of storm or fire damage to your roof, we will be as soon as possible at your location to examen the situation. If necessary, we provide a temporary solution and where possible we make your roof water and windproof again